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Pinch Valve For Pipeline System Process Pneumatic Electric Manual Control
Mar 22, 2018

(1) Introduction

Pinch valve (also known as hose valve) is a unique form of a new type of valve, because of its excellent wear Corrosion resistance and favored, adapted to low-pressure pipeline particle slurry or chemical medium transport control system.

Hose valve open convenient and flexible, good sealing performance, put an end to the occurrence of such phenomena as the drip, hose can be regular Replacement, and the valve can be long-term use, cost savings.

Hose valve can replace the gate valve, globe valve and control valve to improve the service life of 5-10 times.

1. ZSX-S manual pinch valve

pinch valve.png

pinch valve dimension.png

2. ZSX-D  liner electric pinch valve  

ZSX-DH rotary electric hose valve by the valve body and DZW electric device components.

Optional intelligent integrated multi-turn electric device:

1. voltage: 380ACV;

2. the motor drive using electricity force electronic switch , 4-20MA output feedback, 0-100% valve opening, with valve door limit protection, torque protection, motor overheating protection;

3. protection class IP55.

electric pinch valve.png

3. ZSX-Q  pneumatic pinch valve

pneumatic pinch valve.png