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Two-Way Encapsulated (Cavity Filled) Clamp End Ball Valve
Mar 30, 2018

Two-Way Encapsulated (Cavity Filled) Clamp End Ball Valve.


Sanitary ball valve through precise inspection process and strict quality management, valve inside and outside polished and sterilized.


using clamps quick install type connection, all inclusive F4 SEAL, no dead corner convenient disassembly,
cleaning, repair, of which 3way sanitary ball valve suitable for sanitary pipe medium reversing, shunt, confluence, mixed flow. equipped with pneumatic actuator and electric actuator to realize automatic control.


Valve body
Nominal diameter:Φ20-Φ102
Body material: 304, 316, 316L
Connection: Clamp, welding type
Pressure class: PN1.6MPa
Structure: 2way floating ball core
3way L / T- type floating core

Valve components
Seat sealing: PTFE:-30~180℃ , PPL:-30~250℃
Core material: 304, 316, 316L
Stem material: 304
Applicable medium: Food, medicine, packaging machinery,
filling machinery and other health conditions using level.
Design standard: ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, 3A